Focus Hocus Pocus 320

Beginning 2012 IndiGo took delivery of 50 aircraft in less than six years. Anil is known, the largest order in the history of commercial aviation in 2011 at this time were the Airbus obtained the agreement of US $15 billion of 180 aircraft. The company has increased the percentage of Airbus in India at 73%. Until February 2012, Indigo has grown rapidly and has solid benefits, the only airline in the India. Had replaced the second largest airline in India measured in market share of Kingfisher. Indigo is a strong adherence to a low-cost model, purchase only a single type of aircraft and keep it as low as possible, with emphasis on the timeliness of the operating costs. Among the reasons for its success, but the aviation industry in India by a meme l'Industrie de transport must be aƩrien in inde par une phase Clostridium difficile. Indigo focuses on the addition of a new plan every six weeks and sometimes even faster. However, this rapid expansion led to a report by the DGAC in December 2011, scathing spotlight on problems arising from this expansion of the airline, which could compromise security. This figure adds up more than one quarter of the market share of all the airlines in India, in the process, dethrone fully equipped carriers Jet Airways, who had held this position for many years. The airline had peaked, only six years after the start of operations. In February 2013, according to the Ministry of civil aviation, the announcement that should be so Indigo, the delivery of only five aircraft this year, would have been that the airline into a regional low-cost flights were introduced by the creation of a subsidiary. Aditya Ghosh, President, that all these reports were false and Indigo in the plans of the Ministry said Indigo but buy four more, and the nine who had taken delivery in 2013. Indigo operates 38 destinations in the India and abroad 613 flights every day. In January 2011, Indigo was authorized for international flights, after five years. additional 12 A320-200 is in the direction of the group in may 2015, the application, the offer of Tigerair new A320neo will be temporary. Anil has received its first Airbus A320 in July 2006 and at that time they expected to submit all 100 planes, he had ordered for 2015-2016. To reduce the average age of the fleet, aircraft usually on IndiGo destabilized to 6 years. 100 aircraft indiGo has received during its existence, 16 had already returned to the lessor. Indigo painting is mainly white and Indigo. The focus hocus pocus 320 floors are painted Indigo aircraft, followed by a sky blue stripe under the wings. The Crown receives a background white with the name of the airline Indigo. Scored airframe is located next to the Jet's nose painted Indigo. Indigo is the official GoindiGo website. at the bottom is an indigo is located in modules. Finally, the tail is usually Indigo call once again, written support above at Indigo, a blue stripe in the Center, on a white background. 20 points are represented as a plane that represents the logo in the belly of the aircraft of the airline. As a low-cost carrier, do not have any flights with IndiGo, business class or first class sections. It offers only economy class seats. Maintain low prices, IndiGo offers free on one of its flights, meals if you have a flight program don't buy meals onboard. There are no in-flight entertainment is available, but the airline offers in-flight 6E Hi, several duty free goods for details of the output, which can be purchased on board. Premium services are offered by Indigo, where passengers can bring additional benefits at a pace more elevated, as previously allocated space and meals on board. January 11, 2011 at 333 landing flight, piloted by Captain Parminder Kaur Gulati, first to Goa airport, damage to landing and danger of disintegration of the aircraft. Before landing, the captain had the aircraft strongly against the recommendations of the manufacturer of aircraft for which caused Airbus. Later it was revealed that the master used false documents to the air waybill, less than seven pilots (ATPL) license after an error during the duration of the test. I had finished the flight back to New Delhi, as air systems have shown problems with landing gear and,. .