Text Your Ex Back Instant Forgiveness

Artur Says: November 9th, 2012 at 1:25 pm I met with this girl 6 months ago, basically we’v been together for 6 monhts amd everything was perfect we never actually argued about anything and we both were calm, at the very beginning of the relation ship i told her to talk everything out, every issue or problem you have with me, lets sort it out and deal with it. Now after 6 months it came out of nowhere, she sent me a kiss ” good morning babe :* ” usual stuff. Around 5 pm she calls me and tells me she’s coming over , i felt something strange so i asked her, whats wrong? She said , we need to talk , its about us.Took her 3 hours, and i knew this is over, i had a feeling i didnt know why , but i couldnt dodge the feeling that she is leaving me ( for no reason , everything was fine infact, she loved me and had or still has strong feelings for me i know it ) . I let her in, she hugs me and kisses me, and after asking whats wrong, she starts to cry and cant calm down. After a while she tells me we need 2 split up and she is crying constantly, she starts telling me about all these riddickulous excuses about wanting 2 be free, i cant study , she didnt have enough time alone betwen her last relations , befour we started dating, i told her im going to Norway after 3 months and she was realy sad, and told me she said goodbay 2 me already( she thougt im leaving for sure , so she cried it out and said goodbye). All this together led her 2 leaving me, but as she was saying that all, she was hugging and kissing me as if someone pushed her in 2 doing this. She stayed at my palce that night, and we were close as if we were together, no sex tho.( always had great sex, so thats not the issue). Next morning we woke up and continued where we left off, by this point we are already split nad i told her that my heart screams for her, but my self esteem wont let me chase her and i wont judge her decision, but i wasnt realy sure why she wants to leave me cause she looked so confused and those reasons are simple 2 sort out. After more talking i started to quote all that she said . ( You like my face, you like my teeth , you like my muscles( doing gym , white smile) you like my ass, you like my dingdong, you like the music that i listen to, you like the way i cook, we meet eachother 1-3 times a week and phone calls and sms included everyday , i dont interfer with your studies , and i told you 2 do all u need 2 do and just give me whats left , i dont ask much, so whats the problem? And she replies sleeping on my knees” i miss you”.( that made me cry, but i had no clue what 2 say or how to reac”. After more tears and talking , she stops and thinks for a while, and suddently she said” I got it” and started crying realy realy bad, like enver befour. She asked me , Who wants me to finish university, who wants me home all the time, who wants me tied up? ” refering 2 her mom , she knew the answer , its just the way she decided 2 put it. And in the end she said, she doesnt even know what she wants anymore ” since she thought that its what her mom wanted” but i had good relationship with her mom , so i doubt she told her 2 leave me+ she is 20 years old, she got her own head on her sholders. after that i said, why leave me out of a suddent, everything was perfect, we had no arguments or anything it was perfect and now all of a sudden u put me in this position where i cant do anything , out of blue you tell me you leave me, that just isnt right, you didnt eve givem a chance. After she she needs to think about stuff and calm down , and mkae a decision but dont let your hopes up. She told me she would call me after 2 days . Now its the day she would call me, but i couldnt stop thinking about her and whats wrong , she left a huge mess in me im confused and i dont know why, i didnt do anything since she said herself that its not me . altho problem might be that when she had a problem with me she called me as i would want her 2 , and we talked it over. I stated valid arguments and logic explanations and she submited 2 it, and it sounded all fine for her, but 10 mins after the phone call she understood text your ex back instant forgiveness that it doesnt help her, but she is 2 afraid to call and bug me about it. Personally i tnink its dumb 2 leave me for just not talking to me , when i told her 2 do it since its all gona be fine. Second day, she should call me, but i couldnt wait, and made a call myself around 12:30 in the morning she was in a party ,her friends birthday, i was invited 2 but i didnt go cause of this shit, and well i had job next morning. So i called her, and asked her how she feels and all that, and then i said, so, what do you think, what have you decided, whats the plan? And even befour i asked, she said shes not in a condition to even talk, she was tired, but i she answered that question kinda cold, i have no thoughts, i dont have plan i dont know. it felt cold. I told her, okay then, get well, goodbyeNot as goodbye as ill see you never, but i droped the phone first. So yeah, now its 6:24 and im sad, what should i do… Doesnt sound as serious as everyone else here, but i have good chance 2 get her back, but i need something. I wont call her , il lwait for her 2 call me, that cold answer made me realise that i should let her take her time. Suggestions , advices, anything will do . help ;/